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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

About Me

About Me

My name is Rachelle. I'm a mom of 2 little girls, 11 and 2. I started this blog when I was a single mom working my hardest to make ends meet.

I coupon every so often these days but still have blogs to post about couponing, and i'm always open to answering questions. If you have any questions you can send me an email at 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Realistic Couponing 'HOW TO' that anyone can do!

 In this blog:

*Coupon "how to"
*Items to stock up on
*How to get coupons
*Coupon "No-No's"


So most people who know me think I'm a complete nutjob with my couponing. I'll admit, I'm a little on the crazy side with it. But I do get asked a lot how to coupon, or people telling me "I tried to coupon but I suck at it". Especially from my family I get the excuse "I don't have time to coupon like  you.. I work" . I hate that excuse because I couponed when I worked 40+ hours a week graveyard and had a 2  year old. So really, theres time. It's a matter of WANTING to spend time on something to save you money... Couponing is easy once you get a system down and totally comprehend it. So I decided to make this blog entry to better explain how to coupon :) . Hope it helps.

A lot of people seem to think couponing is just like the show "Extreme Couponing", when really it's not much like it at all.Erase everything out of your mind you have ever seen on that show.. Here's why:

They NORMALLY buy their coupons through a coupon clipping service (yes, I'm sure their friends and family give them their coupon inserts but its unusual they could come up with 200+ same item high value coupons without buying them. Although, some people really do have the hook ups.)
They buy TONS of items they do not need. Unless it is completely free do NOT buy it just because you have a coupon
They NORMALLY do NOT feed their family strictly on coupons (i mean, unless you're feeding your kids noodles & razors for breakfast lunches and dinner.. )
Unless the coupon was given to them their product was not COMPLETELY free.
A few of them have been caught commiting coupon fraud on the TV show. Instead of buying the item the coupon was intended for.. They were buying a similar but cheaper item that has a similar barcode... Let's coupon the legal way now ;)
Not all states have stores that double coupons (I know for a fact Hawaii and California do NOT have stores that double coupons!) . If your state doubles coupons you're going to find it a lot easier for you to coupon than for someone else who lives in California (like myself).

                           I shop at one store, and one store only. WALMART. Heres why:

  • Walmart price matches.

  • Walmart generally has the lowest price

  • Walmart gives absolutely NO nonsense when it comes to using coupons. I've yet to get bad customer service while using coupons or have anyone tell me I'm "over the limit" .

  • They have these cups for $0.87 and my daughter will stay behaved the ENTIRE shopping trip if i give her one ;)

  • I never have to separate transactions

  • I can get other things I need for my household while I'm there (i.e; clothes, home decor, stationary, household products, cleaning products. ect)

  • .Walmart doesn't bullshit you with your overages. If my product is $1.00 and my coupon is $2.00 they give me the $1.00 not store credit nonsense, or like some grocery stores who manually change the coupon to $1.00 although they are getting paid $2.00 plus &0.08

Now that I've said that Walmart ad matches... heres the steps to couponing (how i do it anyway)

Get EVERY ad from EVERY store near you. Whether you look at it online or you have a paper ad that comes in the newspaper, or the mail it doesn't matter. Your local walmart WILL have that ad in store so you do NOT need to bring it. They also have them posted on the wall somewhere in the store, where the ads are posted varies from store to store.
You CAN ,Make your grocery list based on ads and coupons. Make sure you write down next to the item the sale price, and where its on sale at so you can tell your walmart cashier.
Look for coupons based on your grocery list. Theres a note with Coupon websites here on Unfiltered Mamas, as well as your sunday paper.
NEVER throw away a coupon. Ever. You will see why once you get into couponing. That coupon you may think you will never use.. you might need in a week.That's throwing away money. If you want to throw away your money, I'll give you my address so you can send it to me ;) (i accept cash or paypal) .
Look on your coupon match up websites. Some high value coupons will have overages (where the coupon value is more than the actual product itself.. meaning you get the cash back). The ONLY time i EVER buy something i will NOT use is when it creates an overage. I get as many coupons as I can so I can get as much overage as possible & use that towards my non coupon items (i.e; meats, ect)
Change the brands of some products you use to match your coupons (if you're going to do this, you need to make sure it is going to be cheaper for you. For example; if you use bounty paper towels normally, and theres a coupon for $2.00 off sparkle paper towels which will make your sparkle paper towels cheaper than the bounty, then buy the cheaper ones!)
Always use GOOGLE! If you do not already have a coupon for your item, google it. A lot of companies are doing facebook coupons and website coupons now days . (heres now to narrow your google search, for example if I was looking for Viva Paper towel coupons to match a sale in an ad i'd google : Viva printable coupon July 2012) . This ensures you are going to find a current coupon, and you don't have to search through 500 pages of previous coupons that are no longer valid.
Ebay is the best source for coupons if you're looking for 10+ of the same coupons. No need to buy the whole coupon insert from Coupon Insert sellers. I generally pay $0.99 for 20 coupons . I only purchase the coupons if I am going to use all of them and if it is going to save me money.
Look on ebay for coupons for products you normally use. ALWAYS CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE in the title of the coupon ad on ebay. Do NOT waste your money on coupons you're only going to have 2 weeks to use, unless you know you're going to use it immediately.
Remember when you're purchasing coupons make sure you're going to SAVE MONEY! I see a lot of bids on ebay for a product that is worth $9.00 and they're paying $8.99 plus shipping for a coupon that will make it free. How is that saving money? Its NOT!
This is all very time consuming. I spend 4-15 hours planning each grocery shopping trip every 2 weeks to make sure I'm getting the lowest price for what I need. The amount of time I spend really depends on the amount of coupons and items I am getting. I have had trips where it was almost $300.00 before coupons and walked out of there paying $23.00. Ofcourse, I invested about 20 hours of planning. But remember, you don't need to invest as much time in it as I do. You could probably get away with spending an hour or so and still save quite a bit of money.
you HAVE to save money! For example; I purchased 100 farmer john sausage coupons ($1.00 off of 1 breakfast sausage), they were on sale for $0.98 at Food For Less. I spent $15.00. So basically I only got 85 for free, NOT 100! I never tell you its free when its not. Also, in the pictures I upload, I always add in how much i PAID for the coupons (if i paid for them at all) to my "grand total". It is very mis-leading on the tv show. Yes, they got $1,000 worth of stuff for $8.00 but it probably cost them anywhere from $250-$400- in coupons from a coupon clipping service to save that, so really, they save about $750-$600.
Check the sellers feedback. If they have bad feedback for shipping DAYS or a WEEK later do NOT buy from them if the coupons expire soon or if you need it for a particular sale. I have about 20 favorite sellers I check for the coupon im looking for through them first before anywhere else.
I look for FREE ITEM COUPONS. The way it normally works out $$ wise is you'll get 2 coupons for a free item and a lot of time you end up paying what 1 of them costs. the way I look at it, I buy one get one free. Always check on the CIC website BEFORE purchasing a "free item coupon". There are many false coupons out there. Spare yourself the embarrassment at the register. Heres the link to the CIC website to verify any coupon you are planning on bidding is real:

Heres some items i stock up on:

Laundry Detergent. P&G offers $1.00 off tide coupons all the time. A store near me called Family Dollar always has it on sale for $4.00 . So I use my coupon and get it for $3.00 for a 50oz bottle. Occasionally it will drop to $3.00 so with my coupon I pay $2.00.
Toothpaste: Colgate always has $1.00 off coupons, and a store near me called Ralph's has sales a lot on Colgate 10 for $10.00. Making it $0.08 each (tax).
Dishwasher Detergent: P&G sometimes offers $2.00 off 1 cascade. My local family dollar store a few months ago had cascade 16 pk action packs for $2.00. I paid $0.16 (tax) for each one.
Razors: A couple times a year BIC offers coupons $3.00 off BIC 3,4 & 5 blade razors. the 3 blade razors are $2.77 here at Walmart. Making a $0.23 overage on each one. I use that overage towards my groceries and a supply of razors for my family & also for the Holiday boxes for the homeless.
Paper Towels: P&G will have $1.00 off bounty basic paper towels, I find a lot of stores will have an 8 pack of bounty on sale for $4-$5 . After your coupon you'll pay $3-$4.00 for an 8 pack. Also, i look for Free paper towel coupons on ebay where I pay about $6.00 for (2) free paper towel coupons (thats the only time I get the expensive ones!)
Pasta & Anything else non perishable: Pasta never goes bad, Food pantry's accept non perishable foods as donations as well!
Deodorant: I get it for almost nothing with the high value coupons, and its something you always need, and once again I can donate to other people in need.
Body Wash: Who doesn't need that? Remember, the dollar tree accepts coupons. I save my softsoap coupons and pay about $0.30 for each bottle of body wash.
Hand Soap: Once again, the dollar tree sells soft soap hand soap. Clip those $0.40 off coupons and pay $0.60 for a bottle of hand soap (we go through it like crazy here!)
Hot dogs: My 4 year old thinks hot dogs are gods gift to earth. So I don't mind having 20 packages in my freezer. they go so fast anyway in my house!
Sausage and any other freezable item: I ALWAYS make sure to stock up on the hotdogs and other food items I can freeze when there is a high value coupon out. You can always find a way to use it. I've even put breakfast sausage in pasta when we were a couple days out from payday and needed a meat to go with dinner. It works!
Nutella: My daughter and her daddy LOVE Nutella. But it's so expensive. I refuse to spend an additional $3.50 on a stupid jar of hazelnut spread! I wait for the coupons and the sales and pay $1.00 each

Heres a couple examples of coupons to look for:

Pasta - if it is on sale for $0.48 a box and you can get ahold of $1.00/2 coupon.. then do so! You will have a $0.04 overage on both.
 **TIP: If you're going to store pasta in the pantry make sure to leave a few bayleafs sprinkled on the shelf they're on to prevent pantry bugs getting into your pasta**

Vitamin Waters - If its on sale for $0.50 each and you get ahold of a coupon for $1.00 off .. you're going to have about a $0.45 overage for each coupon after CRV

Cereal - If it is on sale for $1.78 and you have a $1.50 off coupon you're going to pay $0.28 a box.

Any coupons you can stack. Heres a perfect example of some coupons I JUST got ahold of

I have (20) coupons for Save $1.00 on produce when you buy 2 kraft dressings

then I am going to "Stack" that with my (20) coupons for save $1.00 on any 2 kraft dressings.

So by "Stacking" I mean using both coupons that are different for the same products. One coupon is for produce when I buy salad dressing, then I'm going to use coupons for the salad dressing. These coupons are valid until 3/31/13 so I am going to wait until these dressings are on sale for $0.98 at Food for less. Because with the coupon I'm going to pay about $1.00 for 2 bottles of dressing and a dollar worth of produce.

When I was at the dollar tree recently heres some items I noticed they carry. Since they accept coupons I figured I'd post it. Anytime you see a coupon for these items snag them up.

Soft pretzels
soft soap hand soap
soft soap body wash (7.5oz)
Speed Stick deodorant
Libby's canned vegetables
sun detergent
Palmolive dish soap
Heinz Ketchup
Nesquick powder
Fabric Softener
Colgate 4oz Toothpaste
Crest 4 oz toothpaste
Colgate tooth brushes
Care free feminine products

Here's a couple good ways to get coupons!
  1. Check Walmarts website. At the bottom of the page there is going to be a "printable coupon" section.
  2. . Its amazing. You can even get the app on your phone for it
  3. .. There REALLY is a coupon for everything
  4. Go buy a sunday paper. Check on beforehand so you know if it is going to be worth buying a paper or not. Also, buy the cheapest paper. There is a sunday paper here that is only $0.75 so thats the one I buy.
  5. Ask your friends and family for their extra coupons they do not use. A lot of people wont even make the effort to clip a coupon, they'll be glad to hand them over to you.
  6. EBAY . I will say it again 1000 times. Ebay is amazing. The only thing I'd advise is if you're bidding on a "free item" coupon, check with the cic website and make sure your coupons are real. I have purchased false coupons before unknowingly.
7. Always check and make sure any coupon you are purchasing is real. Here's the link on how to check:

If you know the coupon is fake.. do not purchase or use the coupon. If you have learned a coupon is fake you purchased trough EBay.. file a claim for a refund. You'll get a full refund for the item! You can get fined if you get caught using a counterfeit coupon! It's not worth it.
If you are not going to save money.. don't waste your time buying the coupon. Here is some examples I found of what makes NO SENSE to do! I think some of these people only buy these coupons to make themselves feel like they're getting something for free.
$9.00 worth of coupons for $7.02? You save a whopping $1.98 on a product you probably wouldn't buy 3 of anyway!

Sargento Cheese. You're getting 1 free item coupon & paying $3.48 for the item.. I know at walmart where I shop.. I pay $3.97 for a large pack of sargento sliced pepperjack cheese. So if I was to purchase this I'd only save about $0.49 . To me.. thats not worth my time.

This coupon is avaliable on . Why pay $1.49 for a lot of 20 when you can get it for free? And I highly doubt anyone is going to buy 40 bags of coffee :). Always check online for a printable version before purchasing a coupon.
$8.49 for $5.00 in coupons? Even if they double you're paying $8.49 for $10.00 in coupons.. Plus CRV for the vitamin waters.. SO $9.00 for $10.00 in coupons. I get these vitamin waters when they're on sale for $0.49 each. So it all comes down to never pay more than the coupon is worth.  

    For me, if I see the seller is posting "Barcode starts with a __" I won't buy from the seller. Because what the barcode starts with is irrelevant unless you're going to do something shady with the coupon. The product on the coupon is what matters. To me, if the ebay seller is going to condone shady activity... how can I trust that the coupons are real?

    Before buying ANY "Free item" coupon on ebay check on the CIC website and make sure it is real.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cut Spending at The Grocery Store

Budgeting Your Grocery Shopping trips!

I recently asked a group of people on a facebook page I admin on (, how much money do you spend a month for groceries? And how big is your family size? I must say since I am one of those sick coupon freaks and I ad match I was apalled to learn some families are spending as much as $700.00 a month on groceries for a family of 5! That would never fly in my house. So it gave me a little motivation to write this blog entry with hopes it can help a family or two (or a few!) the way this system has helped me!

Canned Soda. Don't do it. Soda is bad for you anyway , if we buy soda its in 2 liter bottles and a max of 3 every shopping trip. And.. it's generic. You'll drink less soda and spend a lot less. That cut down our budget by $25.00 right off the bat.

Waters. I have a new found hatred for water bottles and I will not ever buy anything except water in the gallon size ever again. It's a waste of money. Especially when you aren't taking the water bottles anywhere except to your living room. That saves us about $15.00 a month right there. ( so far, we're at $40.00 in savings)

AD Match. Walmart will match any local grocery stores ad. I make my grocery list and then check to see what is on sale at what store & write it down next to the item on my grocery list. On average I save about $30.00 just by ad matching alone.. I have saved up to $100.00 before. Using coupons (we'll get into coupons later). So now, we're at $70.00 in savings.

Don't buy excessive amounts of frozen, boxed or canned snacks. As hard as it can be.. I buy my daughter 1 box of fruit snacks everytime we go to the grocery store, that's it. I have found I have not continued my weight gain spree I went on ever since the hot cheetos, twinkies and ding dogs weren't in the house anymore. Plus, my grocery bill went down about $15.00 each trip just by that. (now we're at about $85.00 in savings)

COUPONS COUPONS COUPONS! Anyone who knows me personally knows I have this sick, twisted addiction to coupons. I'm sure people have actually looked into a coupons anonymous for me.. however I am saving money. There is another entry on Coupon How To's . Since it isn't an easy thing to understand.. even though you would think it would be. It's a system. You must follow your system. There should be certian items you DO NOT BUY unless you have a coupon and it's on sale (example: one of my items is Nutella. I will not pay more than $1.00 for it)

Cut down on boxed side dishes. Ofcourse, I pick up a box of the store brand instant mashed potatoes, but that lasts a month. If I didn't have instant mashed potatoes.. My poor family would never eat potatoes!

Cut down on boxed mixes. Pancake mix is so ridiculously cheap and easy to make .. I don't know why I spent $2.00 a box.. EVER! I also make my own cookie mixes and brownie mixes.. and let me tell you, betty crocker ain't got sh*t on me. ;) I save about $10.00 a month by doing this and it costs pennies to make your own mixes. Given that you buy your ingredients in bulk.

DOLLAR STORE! The dollar tree is my favorite store. I get all kinds of spices there. Vanilla extract, Lemon extract, pepper, italian seasoning. Almost any seasoning.. they have. Also, if we do buy snacks .. they're from the dollar tree. Occasionally, we will pick up some ice cream or chips.

BUY INGREDIENTS IN BULK! WINCO is my best friend for rice, flour, chocolate chips, sugar, and other baking needs. Even biscuit mix. I love it.

Plan every meal. Don't just go to the grocery store and buy whatever. Stick to the list you make. Anytime I have not made a list and just went to the store.. I came home with a bunch of stuff. I also spent almost $200.00. Still to this day can't figure out how I, the queen of cheap slipped up like that.

Make breakfasts ahead and freeze them!
So with all this being said.. There's a lot of money saved.!/2012/10/sample-meu-of-25000-or-less-month.html!/2012/10/home-made-money-saving-recipes.html

Sample menu of $250.00 or less a month!

This is our actual menu For October - November in our house. With Coupon and ad matching, It is less than $250.00
I made the title feed your family for $250.00 or less. If you ad match and use coupons for every item you can possibly find, it should not cost you any more than $250.00. Some areas are a little more expensive so it may not always be possible. I normally spend less than 200 a month. I ad match and coupon.
Ofcourse some things are going to be repeats (especially for breakfast, but that doesn't mean we have pancakes 5 days in a row! lol) You can find the recipes for the home made mixes on the money saving recipes blog entry. Some of these are make ahead and freeze, because my daughter's father works early in the morning, so it saves money since he doesn't have to drive through somewhere in the morning. Also, it's absolutely amazing for days where I really dont want to cook breakfast.
Make ahead and freeze breakfast burritos
Make ahead and freeze breakfast sandwiches (i'd use left over ham from dinner for these) 
Ceral (ofcourse!)
Pancakes- cinnamon pancakes, chocolate chip, or plain (use home made pancake mix in recipes section)
Blueberry Lemon Loaf
Chorizo and Eggs
french toast
Toast and eggs
Chorizo, egg and potato burritos
Pumpkin Pancakes
BLT wraps
Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
Macaroni and Cheese
Hot dogs
Ham and Cheese salad
Last night's left overs
Bean and cheese burritos
Chicken salad sandwiches
Egg salad sandwich wrap
Turkey, bacon and ranch wraps
BLT sandwich
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Ofcourse with these I serve them with either french fries, fruit or rasins.
pan fried pork chops
Honey cajun pork chops
Three Cheese Stuffed Shells     (these I make half of what most recipes call for)
Manicotti stuffed with spinach and cheese    (also, half what most recipes call for)
Lasagna (again, half of what most recipes call for)
Slow cooker ham
Slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches (use half the pork sirlon)
Apple pork sirlon
Chicken tacos
Jalapeno, pepper jack stuffed chicken
meatball sandwiches
Mongolian Beef and rice
Sauteed shrimp over rice
Cheese enchiladas
Lemon Pepper Chicken breasts
Fettucini alfredo with broccoli
Chicken parmesan
Ravioli in pumpkin alfredo sauce
Cheese Ravioli in marinara sauce
Spinach and Mozerella stuffed meatloaf
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Slow cooker honey pork roast
beef soft tacos
Slow cooker hawiian meat balls
Chicken strips
You'll notice I do not have 30 complete meals. We do have left overs a couple nights a month, other nights I decide to make something with the left overs we have.  For side dishes i make canned green beans, broccoli, salad, mashed potatoes, rice, baked potatoes or pan fried potatoes. I do also occasionally pick up a loaf of frech bread from the grocery store. i use half of a loaf for each meal i make it with. I add $4.00 to my budget just for fresh bread (which goes with about 8 meals)
Easy no bake cheesecake
Banana cream pie
pumpkin roll
brownies (i use my home made mix)
cookies (i use my home made mix)
Strawberry cream cheese cobbler
We do not have desserts every night. I also allow an extra $6.00 in my budget for ice creams and other snacks. We pretty much only go to the dollar store for those items as well.
heres my grocery list for the month that with coupons and ad matching cost me about $205.00
tortillas -flour - 4 packs

english muffins
eggs (2, 18 packs)
bacon (2 packs)
bell pepper
ham (use left overs from ham dinner)
blue berries
vegetable oil
sugars (bulk - 3.00)
vanilla extract - 1.00
cinnamon - $1.00
turkey lunch meat - $3
avocados (4) - Make sure you ad match for this.
bread - 2 loaves
sliced cheese - $2
french fries - 2 bags - $3
boxed rasins (2 packs - $2.00)
Chicken breasts - 5 pounds (make sure its on sale. )
sandwich meat - $4.00
Pork Sirlon
Pork Chops
rice - 5 pounds (buy in bulk)
cajun seasoning (dollar store)
Mozerella Cheese
Ricotta Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Cheddar cheese
frozen chopped spinach (2)
enchilada sauce
flour (buy in bulk)
half a ham -
1 large box instant mashed potatoes
(2) cream of chicken soups (buy store brand)
dry onion soup mix
Ground Beef ( buy 2 of the 3lb packages)
bread crumbs (store brand)
sandwich rolls
lettuce (i buy about 8 heads a month of romaine lettuce)
flank steak (use half for mongolian beef and half for tacos)
soy sauce
green onions
corn starch
corn tortillas
lemon pepper seasoning (dollar store)
Baked rigatoni
Alfredo Sauce packet
spaghetti sauce (5 cans)
packaged ravioli
canned pure pumpkin (2)
Cream cheese
Loaf of french bread (3)
canned green beans (5)
(1) 10 lb bag of potatoes
grahm crackers
vanilla pudding mix
sandwich cheese
box macaroni and cheese
pasta - 1 package lasagna noodles, stuffed shells, manocotti and rotini pasta. (make sure you find the barilla pasta coupons for these items)
strawberry filling